Twin Mattresses

A twin mattress is a good size to graduate children to when they outgrow their crib. It’s also a good size for small rooms, multi-use rooms, and invalid rooms. The same considerations are in play for a twin mattress as any other size; firmness, padding, and construction.

Buying twin mattresses can be quite an investment, so it is important you do your pre-purchase research before you selecting one from a mattress retailer. Be more informed and know what you are looking for in a mattress, before being confronted by a salesperson. If you let the salesperson be your main source of information, you could be on your way to buying a mattress you won’t be absolutely happy with.

The first thing that you need to do is determine what size mattress you need or want. A twin mattress is ideal for children’s rooms or even a smaller adult bedroom. To determine what size mattress you require, you just need to evaluate the size of your room and how much room you or a family member needs to sleep well. If you are in a studio apartment, or another area like this, a twin mattress can make an excellent bed during the night and a sitting space during the day. This is something for you to keep in mind if you are living in a very small space.

One tip is if you are using the mattress as a sleeping/sitting area, then you may want to get a firmer mattress because it will hold up better. If the twin mattress is for someone who’s infirm, or just spends lots of time in bed, a softer mattress may be the better choice. You can find a mattress in any variation of firmness, so try out many different ones as you can until you know you want the mattress to feel like.