Sleep Apnea Pillows

Sleep Apnea Pillows is amongst the best sleep you can get, far in excess of what you’d find using a standard non-supporting, non-sleep-apnea-related pillow. Pillows are a critical part of your bed, something that should be carefully researched before going ahead and being bought.  How your whole spine, in particular your neck and jaw sits when you are sleeping markedly affects how fast you get to sleep as well as how deep and continuous your sleep is. Constantly waking up throughout every night due to a sore neck or strong snoring can begin to slow you down a lot during the following days. When problems like these happen for prolonged periods of time your health can become, in some particularly bad cases, irreversably damaged, both mentally and physically.

Apnea pillows come in all shapes and sizes, offering you opened airways and positioning your neck comfortably in-line with the rest of your spine. If you are using CPAP machines and masks there are ranges of CPAP pillows that aid CPAP users in their quest for deeper and longer sleep. Sleep apnea, often miss-spelt ‘sleep apnia’, falls into one of these three categories, obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, and mixed sleep apnea. ‘Obstructive’, as the word implies, means apnea brought about by obstruction of your internal air passages, typically producing a snoring sound. ‘Central’ sleep apnea is where your blood oxygen levels fall below normal levels due to the areas of the brain which trigger your breathing muscles to contract not activating your breathing. Typically this is either due to carbon dioxide levels (too much triggers breathing) falling lower than normal during sleep, or through prior heavier breathing having brought in higher than usual quantities of oxygen. Damage to certain relevant neural pathways can also cause central sleep apnea. Mixed sleep apnea is a combination of both of the prior two types of sleep apnea.

Luxury sleeping experiences are few and far between for sleep apnea sufferers, apnea pillow sleep is a very affordable way to try and improve your sleeping experience. Snoring is both a mentally and physically damaging action, and can be heavily anti-social depending upon it’s loudness. Snoring is the reverberation and bashing together of your upper tongue and palate with the uvula, brought about through the movement of the air in what is by all accounts a small area.

If you have sleep apnea, or are considering buying someone you know a sleep apnea pillow why not start your search online, right here. There are numerous handy links above, all going through to legitimate sleep apnea pillow sites. When you have spent some time researching the exact type of pillows you need, take a look at some large and trustworthy review sites to get a feeling for whether or not these apnea pillows really do offer value for money.