Photo blankets

Photo blankets are a special type of blanket that can be customised with photographs and images of your choosing. These unique blankets not only liven up the bedroom, but they can also make brilliant gifts for your friends and family.

Most photo blanket companies offer their customers the choice of a blanket with a single image on it or a collage blanket where they can add up to 30 photos and pictures.

Wal-Mart is often a popular choice for photo blankets as they produce them in a range of materials including fleece, plush fleece and woven cotton. Their prices start as little as $39.96 for a 50 x 60 inch military themed blanket.
Snapfish also make woven and fleece blankets and have an excellent range of blanket templates to create your design. Their fleece blankets start from as little as $49.99.

Things Remembered have a number of beautiful blanket designs that are geared towards specific celebrations such as weddings, Christmas and graduations.

Types of Photo Blanket

As with regular blankets, photo blankets come in a range of sizes. While photo blanket sizes vary from company to company, typically the two main available sizes are 50 x 60 inches and 60 x 80 inches.

Due to the versatile nature of photo printing, photo blankets can are available in a number of materials, each with a unique texture and set of advantages. Fleece is often a popular option for photo blankets as it is easy to clean and very soft. In addition, some online photo blanket companies offer their customers the option of plush fleece for extra comfort.

You can also get photo blankets made of woven cotton with fringes around its perimeter. This gives the photo blanket a more traditional knitted feel and makes them perfect throws for both the bedroom and the living room. However, do note that woven blankets are more expensive than their fleece counterparts.

When you build your photo blanket using the online generator, you will find that most companies offer a range of collage styles with different shaped and sized frames so that you can create a truly personalised blanket. In addition, you can often add text and choose the background colour for you collage to make it truly personal.

Tips for the Best Photo Blanket

  • For copyright reasons most photo blanket manufacturers will not let you make a photo blanket that has photos of famous people on it or logos.
  • It is recommended that the photos you select for the photo blanket are more 500kb.
  • Make sure the photos that you select for your blanket have been taken with a camera as cell phone photographs have a tendency of becoming pixelated when blown up on a photo blanket.
  • Make sure the photos that you choose are bright a clear so that they standout well when printed.
  • Remember to crop your photos to the right size.