Number Beds

Number beds offer far higher quality than more traditional brands of bed. This is due to the huge amount of effort and time that number bed designers spend constructing this top quality air bed for optimum sleeping conditions. Number beds are unique in that you are able to set each mattress to your own desired firmness using a remote control. The number you seen on the LED screen ranges from zero to 100, and represents an exact mix of mattress comfort, firmness and support. With just the right bed number sleep is easy! When you receive your number bed discovering your perfect number is simple, just go to the manufacturer’s website where you will find a page where you fill in your details and it comes up with a number for you to start with. Information that is required includes your sex, height, weight and how you sleep e.g. on your side, front or back.

Sleep Number beds have a mattress which is split into many air filled chambers, rather than having traditional coils and springs. When the bed is delivered to your home you will immediately notice how lightweight everything is. The bed is great for even the most DIY avert people since it comes in very easy to assemble parts, the bed it’s self does not require any tools to erect. The complete set up includes the chambered mattress, support foam, a comfort pad and mattress cover. Extra selling features are that number beds have a 20 year limited warranty, you can trial them for 30 days, incorporate super soft Belgian Damask fabrics and have a removable mattress cover.

A full range of number bed sizes exist, with extra support being provided for your spine if so required e.g. electrically adjustable number beds. Perfect number bed sleep is yours for a modest price, well worth it if you ask us!

If you are interested in a great night’s sleep and want to commence your search right now try starting your number bed search online. Visit the largest bed stores in your area/ country first, this will give you the quickest idea of both the diversity of number beds available to you as well as amongst the best prices and delivery costs. Once you’ve spent some time honing down your search to a handful of excellent number bed models it is then your choice whether or not to buy online, or test them out first in person on the high street first. I’d opt for the latter, then research coupons online so as to buy your number bed as cheaply as possible. Perfect bed number sleep is your right, I hope we’ve interested you enough to at last check out how they compare to the other contemporary beds!