Futon Mattresses

A futon is a type of bed that originated from Japan. Typically, the Japanese design consists solely of a padded mattress that can be easily folded and stored away during the day in order to use the room for other purposes than sleeping.

However, the Western style of futon that we are more familiar with has a number of differences to the original Japanese design. To begin with, the foldable mattress is accompanied by a metal or wooden frame that can be folded into a couch or a chair. In addition, the foldable mattress tends to be thicker than those used in the Japanese style futon. A number of futons also feature a futon cover which is used to protect the mattress and is changeable so that you can better coordinate the futon with the room.

Futons are a great option for those who have a small living space as they can save a lot of room and they are multifunctional, this makes them cheaper than purchasing a separate bed and sofa. In addition, if you are someone who often has guests staying over but do not have spare room to accommodate them, a futon chair or sofa in your living room can provide your guests with a comfortable night’s sleep.

Futons are available in a range of sizes. Typically, there are two size varieties: chair futons which double up as a twin bed and sofa futons which fold out into a double bed. When measuring a room for a futon, remember to take into account how big the futon will be once it has been folded out.

Another choice that futon purchasers are faced with is which kind of frame would they like. Most futons have a bifold frame. This features a mattress and a frame that is folded in half as to serve as the base and back support of a chair or sofa. The second most popular type of frame is the trifold. As the name suggests, this type of frame is folded into thirds. While these are certainly the most space saving futon design they are slightly more difficult to operate and the futon mattresses tend to be thinner so they can easily fold into thirds.

Futon frames are made of metal or wood or a combination of both in some cases. The choice of frame will depend on what coordinates best with the room and personal comfort preference. Nevertheless, a futon frame should be strong, easy to convert and hard-wearing. It is sometimes difficult to assess these attributes if you are shopping online, so perhaps you may find it more beneficial to visit your local bed specialist to try out the different varieties. In addition, be sure to check up on product reviews as they can indicate how durable and comfortable the product is.