Down Filler

Down refers to the layer of delicate feathers that are located under the exterior feathers of water birds, such as ducks and geese. As these feathers are excellent insulators, down is a popular choice for bedding fillers as well as coats and jackets. In addition, as down is relatively lightweight, it is cooler than many heavy fillers in warm weather. This makes down filled bedding perfect for year-round comfort.

Down can be used to fill a variety of bedding products including pillows, mattress toppers and duvets. Down product manufacturers include a fill power rating which indicates the fluffiness and insulation of the product. The higher the fill power, the more fluffy and thick the product will be. In general, fill power ranges from 550 through to 900. When choosing a down filled product, it is best to aim for one that has a fill power that falls between 650 and 750.

In addition, when you are purchasing down products, such as comforters and mattress toppers, you will find that there are a number of different down styles. The most comfortable style is the baffled box style that keeps the feathers evenly distributed throughout the down product by using chambers. Another popular style of down products is the European style. In products that use this technique the feathers run in tunnels down the full length of the product and this design is generally cheaper than the baffled box style. However, do note in the tunnel style, down can be shifted easily, while this is great as it allows you to shuffle the down to where you are most cold, it can also be a disadvantage as at times you may find that the down gets caught up in one particular spot.

While down is an excellent filler for comfort throughout the year, there are a number of drawbacks that are associated with down fillers. To begin with, down filled products are slightly more awkward to machine wash due the delicate nature of the feathers. In addition, down filled products with a low thread count can experience feather leakages. This can both make a mess on the floor and deteriorate the comfort of the product. So, when you are choosing your down filled product, make sure that you choose one with a tightly woven outer shell.

Another issue associated with this type of filler is that some people are allergic to down. However, if you do want a down filled product despite suffering from an allergy, there are a number of synthetic alternatives available or you can always purchase a hypoallergenic cover or comforter.