Dressers are one of the most important pieces of furniture in a bedroom. Indeed, many put a dresser second only to the bed. As well as being a focal point in the room, dressers are excellent storage spaces and you can use the top of the dresser to organize toiletries or display ornaments.

Usually, dressers are a low and wide piece of furniture around 35 inches tall. Most dressers have up to 4 drawers the full width of the dresser. However, some dressers have drawers which are arranged into columns and can have as many as 8 drawers. Some dressers come with matching mirrors, these can either be attached to the dresser itself or they come with fittings so that they can be fixed to the wall above the dresser.

When choosing a dresser it is important that you choose a dresser that will complement the d├ęcor of the room and will reflect your personal taste. Dressers come in a range of styles from contemporary to traditional and are constructed from a variety of materials such as timber and composite wood. Timber dressers are available in a range of finishes and are great at creating a traditional look. Hardwoods like ash, teak and oak are more durable than softwoods such as cedar, pine and cypress. However, it is important to remember that you do need to take special care of wood dressers to prevent them from becoming chipped or stained.

Composite wood dressers tend to be cheaper that timber wood dressers. These dressers are made of recycled wood products which have been fused together and have a laminate or veneer finish to give them the appearance of real wood. As well as mimicking real wood, these finishes also make it easier to keep the dresser clean as spillages and be wiped off without staining.

While design is an important factor when choosing a dresser, it is also important that you take into consideration the dimensions of the dresser. Think about where about in the room you would like to place the dresser and use a tape measure to work out the maximum possible size of the dresser.