Dresser Mirrors

As dressers are used for storing clothes, make up and grooming equipment, they are great places for getting ready. Therefore, it is a wise idea to get a mirror to complement your dresser. In most cases, new dressers come with a mirror. More often than not these mirrors are attached to the back of the dresser or connected to the top of the dresser. You can choose either a fixed mirror or an adjustable mirror. Adjustable mirrors can be tilted back and forth to your preference, making them great for applying makeup. Fixed mirrors are simply fixed.

In some cases, dressers come with mirrors that are not attached to the dresser. Some dresser sets come with mirrors that need to be attached to the wall behind the dresser. While not attached to the dresser itself, these mirrors are designed in the same style as the dresser, creating a harmonized look.

You can also get dresser mirrors that sit on top of the dresser. Again, these come in both fixed and tilting models. In addition, you can get mirrors which are flanked by two smaller mirrors. These side mirrors can be moved back fourth, creating a flexible three way mirror which is great for dressing hair and applying makeup.

If your dresser does not come with a mirror or you need to replace your existing mirror, there are a number of factors that you will need to take into consideration. To begin with, you need to think about what kind of mirror would best suit your needs. Think also about the dimensions of the mirror. Portrait orientated mirrors are best for applying makeup and doing your hair. However, a larger mirror is better suited for those who want to view their entire outfit.

If you are someone that usually dresses your hair and applied their makeup in your bedroom, why not get an adjustable mirror or a three-way mirror? Or, perhaps look for a swivel mirror that has a magnified mirror on the reverse panel.

It is important that you choose a mirror which coordinates with your dresser. If you have a dark dresser, a light wood mirror sat on top of it would look rather out of place!