Bedroom Mirrors

Mirrors are a great asset to any bedroom. Not only are they a practical piece of furniture when dressing yourself, but a beautiful mirror can become a focal point in the room. When it comes to choosing a mirror for your bedroom, be it a new mirror or a second-hand mirror, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account.

To begin with you will need to think about what kind of bedroom mirror you would. Bedroom mirrors can be broken down into two styles: bolt on and free standing. Bolt on mirrors need to be attached to a supportive surface. In most cases, bolt on mirrors are attached to the wall either by screws or they have mounting brackets at the back of the mirror. These mirrors come in a range of sizes from full-length through to small mirrors designed to be placed at eye level. Out of the two types of bolt on mirrors, those which have mounting brackets are the best as mirrors that need to be screwed into the walls have a tendency to become warped, thus adversely affecting the quality of the reflection.

Conversely, free standing mirrors do not need to be attached to or leant against a support. Freestanding mirrors tend to be full length and have a tilting function, allowing you to angle the mirror to your preference. When comparing freestanding mirrors, it is especially important that you take into account the sturdiness of the base and swivel joint.

Another important factor to take into account is the aesthetic appeal of the mirror. Mirror frames can be made from a number of materials, such as wood, glass and metal, and are often available in a range of shades and designs. When choosing a mirror, it is a wise idea to pick a style that will complement the furniture already in the room. In addition, when choosing a bolt on mirror it is important that you choose a frame that will not clash with the wallpaper. If you have brightly painted walls, a simple wooden frame is often the best option. On the other hand, if your bedroom walls are quite bland, a mirror with a beautiful antique metal finish can instantly inject a load of character.