Silk Filler

Silk is extracted from the threads of unwound silk worm cocoons. Silk duvets are made of layers of silk which are layered upon one another. Due to the slender nature of silk strands in comparison to other fillers, such as down, products filled with silk tend to be flatter than those filled with other types of filler.

One of the major advantages of silk filler is that it is naturally hypoallergenic and naturally deters dust mites. This makes silk filler a popular option for allergy sufferers. In addition, like other natural fibers, silk is very breathable meaning that you will not feel clammy as may be the case when sleeping under a synthetic duvet of comforter during in the summer.

The best kind of silk for a silk filled bedding product is long-fiber mulberry silk. This type of silk comes from silkworms that have been exclusively brought up on mulberry leaves and has a natural pearly color to it. However, this type of silk filler does tend to be significantly more expensive than other types of silk. Wild silk is the next best kind of silk. This silk is made by wild silk worms and is usually brown in color. The cheapest silk filled products are either filled with a mixture of silk and polyester or cut strand silk. The shorter length of cut strand silk makes this type of filler prone to clumping which can reduce the comfort that the bedding provides.

There are many ways to test the quality of a silk filling. Most silk products feature a zipped opening when you can inspect the silk for yourself. When you rub real silk in your hands it will begin to feel warm. Conversely, synthetic silk stays cool. Good quality silk should all be one color and the strands should be of a similar thickness. Another way you can test the quality of the silk is by burning it. Real silk when burned becomes ashy and smells like burning hair. On the other hand, synthetic ash becomes hard and smells like burning plastic.

As silk filler is not the most common type of bedding filler, it is not as widely available as other types of filler. This means that you may not be able to pick up a silk filled pillow, duvet or comforter from your local home store. Instead, it is recommended that you visit a bedding specialist or look online for silk bedding companies. When buying online, it is hard to judge the quality of the silk from the images so be sure to check the product and company reviews.