Pillow Cases

Many people buy pillowcases to change the entire look of their pillows or to make their homes more comfortable. Choosing of the most suitable pillow cases should be considered with the existing pillows and the entire home interior design. Here’s a list of simple tips that could help you to choose the most suitable pillowcases for your home:

* Size – the size of the pillowcase should be considered with the size of the pillows that they will be used for. Some of the most popular sizes are twin, queen, and king.
* Thread Count – you can easily estimate the quality of the made up material by checking out the number of threads per square inches. The standard pillowcases have between 200 and 300 threads. The most quality of them, such as those that are made up of 100 percent Egyptian cotton, make have even more than 400 threads per square inch.
* Texture and Colors – no matter if you intend to buy a pillowcase that you’ll use in your living room or bedroom, in both of the case you should consider its color and texture with your home interior design. If you buy it for your bedroom, you should consider its color with the colors of your bed and the sheets. If you’re looking for a pillow case for your living room, you should consider its color with the design and color of the sofa and the chairs.
* Health – if you buy a pillowcase for your pillow that you use for sleep, you should check out all of its parameters that regard the health such as resistance to dust mites and antimicrobial effect.
* Maintenance – you should be able to maintenance your pillowcase easy, especially if you use it for your sleeping pillow. So, it’s a good idea to check out if it is machine washable as well as if the bed hair could be eliminated easily.