Afghan Blanket

Afghan Blanket

An Afghan blanket, sometimes just referred to as an Afghan, is a type of wool or yarn blanket that originated from Afghanistan. Typically, these blankets are knitted or crotched by hand and feature colourful geometric designs.

As the pattern of Afghan blankets feature lots of holes, Afghan blankets provide limited warmth which means that if you are looking for a blanket to keep you warm throughout the cold winter months, you may find it more beneficial to invest in a fleece or electric blanket. Nevertheless, Afghan blankets are very sought after blankets as many American households adorn their chairs and sofas with these blankets for decoration purposes. Indeed, a colourful Afghan blanket in a bold design can really brighten up a dull living room as well as providing additional comfort.

Although many people choose to knit or crochet their own Afghan blanket, these blankets are readily available from high-street stores and online bedding stores. As with regular blankets, Afghan blankets are available in a range of designs and sizes. This means that you can find a pattern and colour scheme that coordinates perfectly with your bedroom or living room.

Types of Afghan Blankets

Under the umbrella category of Afghan blanket, there are three subtypes of Afghan blanket: motif Afghans, mile a minute Afghans and join as you go Afghans.

Motif Afghans are made of many small squares which are known as motifs. While the motifs are all the same size in order to make it easy to stitch the pieces together, they do not necessarily feature the same designs. This makes them unique and intricate blankets.

Mile a minute Afghans are the simplest kind of Afghan blanket and use a continuous pattern or stitch. These are often available in bright stripy designs.

Join as you go Afghan blankets are made of a number of individual pieces and each piece takes beginning from the end of the previous piece.