Choosing a bed is an important decision as it estimated that the average individual will spend around a third of their lifetime in bed. Furthermore, a good night’s sleep is incremental for a healthy lifestyle and a productive day. Indeed, a recent study into sleep quality has revealed that sleeping in an uncomfortable bed could cause you to lose up to an hour of sleep a night.

Even if your bed still looks presentable, there is still the chance that it could be having an adverse effect on your sleep. If you find yourself waking up in the morning with unexplainable aches and pains or find that you sleep better in someone else’s bed, it may be time for you to upgrade your bed.

Before you set about choosing which bed you should buy, it is a good idea to think about what type of bed you want. Think about what will provide you with the best comfort and which style of bed you prefer. Modern low beds look more appealing; however, if you need extra-storage space, you may find it better to purchase a higher bed that sports base storage.

You should also think about the dimensions of the bed. As well as thinking about how much space you have in your room for the bed, you should also think about how big the bed should be in order to be comfortable. If you share a bed, you should pick one that is wide enough for both you and your partner to lie next to each other with your arms behind your head without bumping elbows with your partner.

Beds can be very expensive and as a result those who are trying to cut corners may be tempted to go for the cheapest bed. While there are certainly some cheap beds that are of an excellent quality, often quality is compromised in cheaper beds. You are better off picking a bed that has a sturdier design and offers superior comfort as not only will it provide you with a better night’s sleep but it will also last longer.