Bedroom Chests

If your clothes collection is beginning to overflow its current storage space or you would like a piece of furniture to accentuate you bedroom, why not purchase a beautiful bedroom chest? There are a number of items of bedroom storage that fall into the chest category; each has a unique design and set of advantages.

Standard Bedroom Chests

A regular chest, sometimes called a chest of drawers, is a type of storage furniture which is usually chest or shoulder high. Usually, they have 5 or 4 full-width drawers on top of each other. However, some variations feature two columns of half-width drawers or drawers of varying widths. This type of chest is great for storing items of clothing that do not need to be hung up, such as socks and t-shirts.

Bombe Chests

As opposed to traditional dresses which have straight sides, bombe chests have a curvy design. These chests are available in a whole range of colors and finishes. Typically, these chests have long, slim legs and two drawers. However, there are variations which have a vase-like shape and have up to 5 narrow drawers.

Door Chests

Although sometimes mistaken for a small-scale armoire, a door chest is technically a type of chest. These chests are usually no more than 50 inches tall and have a design that comprises of a combination of drawers and cabinets. One of the most popular door chest designs features 4-6 drawers on one side of the chest and a single cabinet on the other side.

Lingerie Chests

As their name suggests, these chests are used to store lingerie. The main advantage of lingerie chests is that they allow you to properly store your lingerie as underwire and elastic can become damaged in a single, overcrowded drawer. As opposed to other types of chests, lingerie chests are tall and thin, making them great for those who are looking for chest storage that does not take up too much floor space.