The first factor you should think about is the space available in your room. If possible, try and determine a maximum possible size for the armoire; this will save you from accidently purchasing an armoire which is too large for the room. In addition, when measuring up the space in your room, you need to take into account how large the armoire is when the doors are open – there’s no point having an armoire that you cannot easily access!

You should also think about what kind of armoire you want. While armoires are primarily used for hanging up clothes, the closet compartment is often complemented with draw space and/or shelving. Some wardrobes also have specialist storage, such as a rack at the bottom of the wardrobe for storing shoes. Think about what you plan on storing in the wardrobe and the other storage spaces you currently have in your bedroom.

As well as thinking about the practical aspect of a wardrobe or armoire, you should also spend some time thinking about the appearance of the wardrobe. Try and pick a finish that harmonizes with furniture already in the room. For example, if you have a traditional bedroom with lots of pastel colors, a white wardrobe will be a good fit. Differently, if your room has a minimal appearance with a low bed, a sleek sliding door wardrobe will be more appropriate. In addition, if you are fitting out a new room, why not purchase a matching set which combines an armoire with other bedroom furnishing?

If you get the chance, read up on product review. This is especially important if you are ordering online. Reviews will give you a better indication of the quality and durability of the wardrobe.