Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds: Making Life More Simple.

Electrical adjustable beds are becoming increasingly popular. Once it was just surgery beds that were adjustable. Although not now, with more people being looked after from home, electronic adjustable beds are becoming an essential for many people.

Need a Better Night’s Sleep? Adjustable beds are not only for the old or infirm. Anybody battling with sleeplessness can gain benefit from an adjustable bed. Whatever the reason for your shortage of sleep, an adjustable bed with its countless adjustable positions, can help you to chill and get a sound night’s rest. If you’ve a medical problem that needs you to sleep in certain positions then an adjustable bed could be able help. They may also be utilized by those that are briefly or permanently bed-ridden to make daily existence more relaxed.

Modern beds can be altered by a Remote Control to adjust either the higher end of the bed to raise and lower the back and head, or the low end of the bed to raise and lower the legs. They may also be fitted with additional features such as heat and massage.

Back trouble: One of the largest infirmities is back trouble ; over 39% of the United States population will suffer some type of back pain during their lives. Whether or not it is due to stress, accidents, bad posture, or by lifting something heavy, it ranks as one of most ordinarily reported conditions in England. A good bed can help to reduce pain in the back and other pain linked with back wounds. For people with persistent back stiffness the utilization of a riser chair could be requested, and in a number of cases where there are mobility problems other products like an electric stair-lift may be required.

Benefits: Electrical beds can be changed into a cosy position as specified in the sleeper’s wants. They can be made exceedingly comfortable for reading or for watching Television in bed. As the bed can be moulded according to the person’s body structure, they can supply upmost comfort and relaxation. They could also help in getting out of bed. There might be one or two health  enefits from mobility beds. They may ease swelling of the legs or edema and ease back trouble. They may relieve tenderness of the body and sooth shoulder and neck stress. They could also offset acidic backwash and night time angina. They may supply relief for certain portions of the body eg the neck, the backbone and the knees.

Benefits of Adjustable Beds – Users Feedback…

“I have severe arthritis of the spine and it has helped me to sleep better than was possible in my previous bed.”

“Just simple things like watching TV or reading in bed are much more comfortable”

“A good night’s sleep make you feel better all over”

Adjustable Bed Sizes: There are several features to be considered when buying an adjustable bed : the scale of the bed ( twin, queen, king or full ) and the kind of mattress ( froth, latex, coil spring or air ). Standard mattresses can’t be used. The adjustable bed mattresses are also specifically designed to match the human body. This helps to relieve strain on specific parts of the body. Most beds are made to normal sizes as printed in the chart below. Some manufacturers will make more bespoke beds and adapt them to the client’s requirements.

Single: 75cm x 200cm

Standard Double: 135cm x 200cm

Queen: 150cm x 200cm

King size adjustable bed: 180cm x 200cm

Super King size bed: 215cm x 200cm